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Over the last few years, a couple of family friends began to talk about their new hobby, called geocaching. It seemed interesting, but my husband and I were busy with a new family, new home, work and so on. However, last year we finally gave it a go and it was a lot of fun. It reminded me of orienteering as a child; working over maps to find markers and treasure.

Now we are doing it seriously, it’s a case of getting the right equipment. This means improved knowledge first of all of geocaching and good areas to do it, but also clothes, boots, etc. and perhaps most importantly, a good GPS device for finding the actual caches.

Finding the best GPS seemed to be the most difficult, so after doing some research and testing a range out, I decided to work on reviewing them; especially the newest models, which should be the best and most high-tech on the market. Here’s my top 10:

1. eTrex (Garmin)



2. Montana 680 Touchscreen GPS (Garmin)



3. Rhino 750 (Garmin)



4. Oregon 650t GPS (Garmin)



5. Garmin 64st



6. eTrex 10 (Garmin)



7. eTrex 20x (Garmin)



8. DeLorme InReach SE



9. Back Track G2 (Bushnell)



10. Foretex 401 (Garmin)


I know this list does not tell you much, but you can find the full reviews in this article of the top GPS devices for geoaching this year.

Originally published 23/05/17

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