Take a short break & get 10% off the next full holiday!

Take a short break & get 10% off the next full holiday!

If you fancy trying out one of our many short walking breaks with the aim of tackling a longer walking trail in the future, we would love to help you!

Get 10% off any full-trail walking holiday after enjoying any short walking break with Contours!

To take advantage of this great deal, all you need to do is enjoy any one of our 2-3 day walking breaks in any of our UK and Ireland locations. When you complete your short break and have chosen a longer itinerary as your next holiday (lasting four walking days or more), simply quote the code SHORT10 - along with the booking ID given with your short break - when booking your full holiday and state that you are eligible for a discount; 10% will then be deducted from the standard cost!

This offer applies to ANY 2-3 walking days holiday followed by ANY 4+ walking days holiday; they do not have to be from the same trail or taken within a short space of time. You must book your longer holiday within six months of completing your short break in order to be eligible for this offer, however the start date of your longer holiday can be at any time.


Terms & Conditions

  • The discount offer will expire on 31st December 2018, so be sure to confirm your bookings prior to this date.
  • In order to be eligible for the above mentioned discount, you must book and complete any 2-3 day walking holiday, and then quote the booking reference ID along with code SHORT10 when booking your 4+ day walking holiday.
  • Short breaks that were cancelled or voided before completion cannot be used to redeem this discount.
  • The holidays themselves do not need to be taken consecutively or be in the same area; the longer holiday must be booked within six months of completing the shorter break, however there is no restriction on the start date of the longer holiday.
  • This applies to any walking itinerary lasting 2-3 days (or 3-4 nights), including those in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland, followed by any walking itinerary lasting more than 4 days (or 5 nights) for the longer holiday.
  • The 10% discount will apply to the standard cost of the longer holiday only; any customisations, extra nights or supplements will be charged at the standard rate. The discount code cannot be applied to any holiday lasting 2-3 walking days.
  • This special offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer or discount.
  • Please note that if you book your holiday online and quote a discount, voucher, or special offer code, these will be manually deducted from the cost of your holiday after you have submitted your booking. Your holiday acknowledgement email and invoice will reflect this accordingly.
  • Contours Holidays reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any time without prior notice and all of our holidays are subject to our usual booking conditions. For more information, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you.