Contours Team Takes Part in Emergency Training

A very wet day in the Peak District

Wayfinding 20131004_112138 Lost in the gorse 20131004_113306

All of the staff at Contours Walking Holidays undergo training to ensure that they know how to deal with an emergency.

Over the last week, two teams of staff have been putting their skills to the test by heading out into the countryside and role-playing a range of emergency scenarios. They then tested their colleagues back in the office by telephoning them (in various states of distress), asking for help. Their colleagues then helped to calm the situation, arrange for help and eventually, helped to overcome the emergency.

Our emergency training is always good fun and a range of weird and wonderful scenarios usually occur, but it is also a valuable lesson.

Being able to place themselves in the shoes of someone in need of help is vitally important and while we hope that they will never need to use it, the training really helps our team to be prepared for anything!

Here are some photos from this year's emergency training.

l emergency training in the Peak District stuck in a squeeze stile Emergency training

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Originally published 15/10/13

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