Short Daily Mileage Walking Holidays


We define a short daily mileage walk as a tour that does not exceed ten miles of walking in a single day. The different route lengths we offer allow for a variety of itineraries to pick from. You can choose to walk for two days over a weekend, or enjoy a walking holiday for a week or more. The low daily mileage throughout your holiday means you can walk at your own pace and enjoy the scenery.

Click here for a full list of short daily mileage walks, or check out our favourite examples below. Looking for approachable holidays with no obstacles and reduced gradients? Take a look at our Stile-Free walking holidays.

Short Daily Mileage Walks: Hadrian's Wall Path

Hadrian’s Wall Path

As the UK’s most popular trail, Hadrian’s Wall Path National Trail follows Britain’s treasured monument across the north of England. Walkers from across the globe come to marvel at this remarkable insight into British history.

We have two short daily mileage walking itineraries along Hadrian’s Wall Path. Our five-day Highlights of Hadrian’s Wall Path tour (HHWP2) journeys from Corbridge to Brampton. Our three-day Hadrian’s Wall Path Short Break (HWPSB2) is shorter, stretching from Chollerford to Lanercost. Both walks pass by the Roman forts of Chesters, Housesteads, Vindolanda and Birdoswald, among many other amazing sites.

Short Daily Mileage Walks: Limestone Way

Limestone Way

The White Peak region of the Peak District National Park is beautiful and tranquil. The limestone landscape has formed over thousands of years, creating fantastic cliffs, caves and gorges. Scattered amongst these is a mixture of woodland, farmland and rolling green hills, adding diversity to your journey.

The full Limestone Way trail can be walked in five days (LIME3) or six days (LIME4) without exceeding ten walking miles per day. You can also walk the shorter Limestone Way Highlights tour, from Castleton to Matlock, in three days (LIMEH2). Both walks visit the villages of Castleton, Youlgreave and Tissington, and pass through the deep gorge of Cave Dale.

Short Daily Mileage Walks: Cotswold Way

Cotswold Way

The Cotswold Way National Trail is one of the UK’s favourite walking routes. This is thanks to the region’s tranquil, rolling landscapes and stone-built villages. The trail showcases unique examples of history, architecture and scenery found only in the Cotswolds.

You can walk the full Cotswold Way in thirteen days (COTW7) by walking ten miles per day or less. You can also enjoy just the North Section in six days (COTWN3) or the South Section in seven days (COTWS3). Lastly, our Cotswold Way Short Break (COTWSB) stretches between Dowdeswell and Kings Stanley in only three days.

Short Daily Mileage Walks: South West Coast Path

South West Coast Path

The South West Coast Path National Trail is famous for its incredible coastal scenery. Though the idea of walking 630 miles is daunting to most, by breaking it into sections, the South West Coast Path can be enjoyed by any keen walker.

There are three sections of the South West Coast Path that can be walked in under ten miles per day. These are Cornwall’s Atlantic Coast South (CACS3), the Far West of Cornwall (FWC4) and East Devon (EDEV2).

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In the interest of clarity, we have only listed the walking tours that have a maximum daily mileage of 10 miles. We have many more itineraries to choose from if you want to walk for a bit longer. If you need help finding your perfect walking holiday, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.