Looking for Inspiration?

We all have our own interests that enrich our experience of the world. And just like every person, each one of our holidays has its own charm with its own challenges and a range of attractions.

Whether you enjoy history or nature, coastline or mountains, one of our walks is sure to suit you. And with over 80 trails throughout Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland, our range of holidays offers unrivalled choice.

Browse the categories below to see how our holidays could indulge your favourite interests and pastimes.

Castles and Military Monuments

The UK is home to thousands of ancient castles, fortified towns, great walls and other territorial monuments.

Circular Walking Holidays

A circular walking trail is a route that finishes where you started. Complete a circuit over several days and admire the landscapes around you.

Coastal Walking Holidays

Follow the shoreline along clifftop pathways and sandy beaches. Visit seaside towns and wake each morning to the sound of the waves. 

Coast to Coast and Challenge Walks

Turn your walking holiday into an adventure: ascend towering peaks, cross the country on foot and brave remote trails.

National Trails and Great Trails

These official trails boast rich history, great waymarking and endless well-earned prestige.

Religious and Spiritual Sites

Great Britain has celebrated religion, spirituality and legends since prehistoric times, and the evidence still litters the landscape.

Short Daily Mileage Walks

We define a short daily mileage walk as a tour that does not exceed ten miles of walking in a single day.

Holidays Near Cities and Tansport Hubs

Looking to explore outside your city, or build your walk into a wider holiday? Check out our list of nearby options.