A Mystical and Artistic Hike to Land's End

by Sally Phillips

Land's End at Sennen by Annie Spratt

Land’s End is an internationally recognised symbol of Britain, attracting 400,000 visitors a year from all over the world.

Despite this, there is a calmness and tranquillity that comes from visiting England’s most south-westerly point. A hike in this part of Cornwall feels remote, perhaps even lonely, but this is sometimes exactly what you need. The rugged terrain and harsh weather conditions makes adventures to Land’s End worthwhile, while the beauty of the landscape offers creative inspiration.

Hikers often remark on how feeling unspoilt ground beneath your feet gives you a connection to ancient wanderers. Few places invoke this feeling as potently as Land’s End. You will notice a beauty like no other here, which is perfect for sketchers and painters.

The best hiking route

Scenery on Land's End RoundThe Land’s End landmark is just one picturesque spot, surrounded by footpaths that take you away from the crowds and deep into Cornwall’s countryside. This is the kind of beauty that has been inspiring artists for centuries.

Its headland location means that it is ideal for taking a circular route. This way, you can gaze out at the sea on the coastal trails and experience the natural diversity of the inland trek.

The best circular route starts and ends at Land’s End, but passes through Sennen Cove, Zawn Reef and Mill Bay. The public trails, named the Coast Path, will take you to higher ground for a better view. At six miles and with moderate terrain difficulty, most reasonably fit hikers can finish the whole trail in a couple of hours.

St Ives to Zennor by Blais BrancheauTaking in the scenery with art

When out on the trail, you will notice the unique aesthetic that South West England offers. For many, this area of the world isn’t easily accessible, so make the most of it. Consider bringing art supplies and examining the scenery through your paintings. Start with the sea and the cliffs, before sketching the shape of the moon or patterns made by the sunset depending on the time of day, along with anything else that catches your eye.

You don’t have to draw it well. The very act of sketching urges your eyes to take in the natural beauty.

Alternatively, take photographs. Although a smartphone will do the job, it's too easy to snap photos without really paying attention, so if you have a proper camera with a viewfinder, bring this to help you really focus your attention towards the beauty around you.

This is a short trail, so it is perfect for taking plenty of breaks and enjoying the sense of inner peace that this brings you.

A long-held tradition

Britain is a nation of sailors and explorers. Nowhere can this history be felt more than when gazing out at the Atlantic Ocean from Land’s End. This view has drawn tourists for at least 300 years: composers, painters and poets have all used the crashing waves and rolling hills as inspiration. The magic of this area, buoyed by its small charming villages and unspoilt nature, has always captured the imagination of wanderers and walkers, so it really should be on everyone’s bucket list.


Explore the circular route to Sennen Cove for the best views and most breathtaking experience of Land’s End. As a short walk, you will have plenty of time to stop for breaks in order to capture these views artistically, as people have throughout history.

Originally published 31/12/19

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Tour Land's End on our Far West of Cornwall holiday

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