Pennine Way

Pennine Way

A self-guided walking holiday from Edale to Kirk Yetholm along England's best-known National Trail.

14 to 22 nights
265 miles
Moderate / Demanding to Strenuous

From £1400 per person

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About this route

Our walking holidays along the Pennine Way will bring you storming along the backbone of England, over gritstone moors, limestone pavement, peaty bogs and glaciated chasms. These wild landscapes mark the Pennine Way as one of the country’s most demanding long distance walks – and one of the most satisfying to complete.

The rising, falling route has its gentle moments, too. Through Swaledale, the Pennine Way tours farmland, crisscrossed by drystone walls. On a long stretch beside the River Tees, it sweeps through wildflower meadows. From even the highest summits, the trail finds its way into warmly welcoming villages.

It’s no surprise that the Pennine Way National Trail features on the bucket lists of many avid walkers. For its extensive history, unusual difficulty and stunning scenery, it’s an exceptionally popular and satisfying adventure for confident hikers. A self-guided walking holiday is the ideal way to tackle it at your own pace.

© Contours Walking Holidays Pennine Way map
Edale to Kirk Yetholm
265 miles (424 km)
28th March to 30th October

Holiday highlights

The sense of achievement at having completed one of the most demanding long-distance trails in Britain.

Passing through a fantastic variety of landscapes, including three national parks.

Visiting many memorable locations, including the spectacular Pen-y-Ghent, beautiful Swaledale, charming villages such as Dufton and the historic milestones of Hadrian’s Wall.

Available tours

CodeTourDurationDifficultyPrice per person
PEN1 From Edale to Kirk Yetholm 14 nights, 13 days walking Strenuous£1400
PEN2 From Edale to Kirk Yetholm 15 nights, 14 days walking Strenuous£1500
PEN3 From Edale to Kirk Yetholm 16 nights, 15 days walking Strenuous£1600
PEN4 From Edale to Kirk Yetholm 17 nights, 16 days walking Demanding / Strenuous£1700
PEN5 From Edale to Kirk Yetholm 18 nights, 17 days walking Demanding / Strenuous£1800
PEN6 From Edale to Kirk Yetholm 19 nights, 18 days walking Demanding£1900
PEN7 From Edale to Kirk Yetholm 20 nights, 19 days walking Demanding£2000
PEN8 From Edale to Kirk Yetholm 21 nights, 20 days walking Moderate / Demanding£2100
PEN9 From Edale to Kirk Yetholm 22 nights, 21 days walking Moderate / Demanding£2200

Pennine Way 14 nights, 13 days walking

£NNN per person
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Important information

Please note that due to the high volume of walkers attempting the Yorkshire Three Peaks, accommodation in Horton-in-Ribblesdale is scarce at weekends. If your stop in Horton-in-Ribblesdale falls at a weekend, a transfer may be required to take you to your accommodation. Please contact us for more information.


Travel to Edale where your first night's accommodation has been booked

Day 1

Edale to Crowden(T). 17.5 miles (28km) / 2402 ft (732 m) ascent

Day 2

Crowden(T) to Hebden Bridge. 27.5 miles (44km) / 3278 ft (999 m) ascent

Day 3

Hebden Bridge to Ickornshaw/Cowling(T). 17.5 miles (28km) / 2785 ft (849 m) ascent

Day 4

Ickornshaw/Cowling(T) to Malham. 18 miles (28.5km) / 2231 ft (680 m) ascent

Day 5

Malham to Horton-in-Ribblesdale(L). 14.5 miles (23km) / 2664 ft (812 m) ascent

Day 6

Horton-in-Ribblesdale(L) to Keld. 26.5 miles (42.5km) / 3763 ft (1147 m) ascent

Day 7

Keld to Middleton-in-Teesdale. 20 miles (32km) / 2441 ft (744 m) ascent

Day 8

Middleton-in-Teesdale to Dufton(T). 20 miles (32km) / 2014 ft (614 m) ascent

Day 9

Dufton(T) to Alston. 19.5 miles (31km) / 3209 ft (978 m) ascent

Day 10

Alston to Greenhead. 16.5 miles (26km) / 1716 ft (523 m) ascent

Day 11

Greenhead to Bellingham. 22 miles (35km) / 2536 ft (773 m) ascent

Day 12

Bellingham to Byrness(L). 15 miles (24km) / 1886 ft (575 m) ascent

Day 13

Byrness(L) to Kirk Yetholm. 27 miles (43km) / 4475 ft (1364 m) ascent


Depart from Kirk Yetholm after breakfast

Your Itinerary

This itinerary lists our preferred overnight stops for this tour. Sometimes there may be a shortage of available accommodation in a preferred location, in which case we will transfer you from the trail to your accommodation and back again at no extra charge. Overnight stops marked with a (T) will always require transfers as standard.

Overnight stops marked with an (L) have very limited accommodation, and therefore more often than not will also require a transfer, particularly on bank holidays and weekends. We will use non-transfer accommodation wherever possible.

The daily mileages quoted are average trail miles only and do not include the distance from the trail to your accommodation. We do not expect you to have to travel more than a mile from the trail to your accommodation; should your accommodation be further than this, transfers will be provided as standard.

Below are the additional costs that may apply depending on your requirements. Dog-friendly tours are subject to a Daily Dog Charge, which will be listed below if applicable. Our standard prices per person are based upon two people sharing a room; if you are on your own, or are part of a group but require a room of your own, then the Solo Traveller or Single Supplements apply respectively:

A note about transfers
Solo Traveller Supplement
£60.00 per person / per night
Single Supplement
£45.00 per person / per night

You can add rest days at any of the overnight stops:

Extra night (Standard)
£60.00 per person / per night

What's included?

  • 14 nights' accommodation in en-suite rooms (where available) in selected B&B’s, hotels, inns and guesthouses along the trail, or a short distance away via taxi provided at our expense.
  • Breakfast each day.
  • Door to door luggage transfer.
  • Maps with the route marked on and a guidebook or route notes describing the trail.
  • An information pack containing an itinerary, instructions on how to find your accommodation each night and a kit list.
  • Detailed travel instructions on how to get to the start of your holiday and back from the end of it.

Extra Nights & Rest Days

If you would like to spend an extra day exploring the stunning landscape of the Yorkshire Dales National Park, consider taking an extra night in Malham, where you can visit the National Park Information Centre and spend some more time absorbing the beauty of nearby Malham Cove, Malham Tarn, Gordale Scar and Janet's Foss.

If you would prefer to spend your day relaxing, surrounded by Victorian architecture, shops and cafes, the small town of Middleton-in-Teesdale is also a good choice for an extra night

You can add rest days at any of the overnight stops:

Extra night (Standard)
£60.00 per person / per night

Tour Facts

Total distance: 265 miles (424 km)
Duration: 14 nights, 13 days walking
Minimum daily distance: 14.5 miles (23 km)
Maximum daily distance: 27.5 miles (44 km)
Code: PEN1 Grade: Strenuous
Season: 28th March - 30th October
Start of holiday: Edale
End of holiday: Kirk Yetholm

Route Profile

Pennine Way Route Profile

Travel Information

Useful information and travel links that will assist you in your plans to travel to the start of the holiday and back from the end of it are sent to you with your full tour pack. A summary is given below:

By Air - The most convenient major city and international airports are Manchester, Leeds Bradford, Newcastle and Edinburgh.

By Rail - There is a rail station at the start of the trail (Edale). The nearest rail station to the end of the trail (Kirk Yetholm) is at Berwick-upon-Tweed (about 22.5 miles away).

By Bus - There are no direct bus services to Edale. There is no viable bus service from Kirk Yetholm to Berwick-upon-Tweed, so a taxi would be the best option.

From London - Trains run from London Euston & London St Pancras International stations to Edale.

Return To The Start - The easiest way to return to the start of the trail, is to take a taxi from Kirk Yetholm to Berwick-Upon-Tweed rail station. From there trains run to Edale.

Weather Information

To find out more about the weather forecast for your chosen holiday's general location, please see the following websites:

  • MetCheck - This website allows you to look up detailed weather information for specific locations as far as six months in advance.
  • Met Office - This website shows regional area forecasts a few days in advance, with a general UK forecast description of up to 30 days in advance.
  • Mountain Forecast - This website shows what the forecast is like up on specific hills and fells, and offers forecasts a few days in advance.

Routes on this trail

Pennine Way - South Section
6 to 8 nights
95 miles
Moderate / Demanding+
From £640 per person
A walk from Edale to Horton-in-Ribblesdale via the Peak District, South Pennines and the Yorkshire Dales.Find Out More
Pennine Way - Central Section
6 to 10 nights
102 miles
Moderate / Demanding+
From £640 per person
A walk from Horton-in-Ribblesdale to Greenhead via the Yorkshire Dales, North Pennines and HadrianFind Out More
Pennine Way - North Section
4 to 6 nights
64 miles
Moderate / Demanding+
From £420 per person
A walk from Greenhead to Kirk Yetholm via Hadrian's WallFind Out More
Pennine Way Short Break - North Section
3 nights
21 miles
From £325 per person
A short walking holiday through the stunning North Pennines from Middleton-in-Teesdale to Dufton.Find Out More

Customer reviews from the Pennine Way

“Tough going but great. Lovely varied scenery each day.”
Mrs Robinson, UK
“Excellent, all accommodation friendly and helpful.”
Mr Lonergan, UK
“This is our 6th long distance walking holiday with you and your company’s arrangements have again been to a high standard.”
Mr Gregory, UK
“Long walk but I knew this. Great experience although more mud than I expected. Very friendly hosts, pubs and fellow walkers. Very happy with the role Contours played in the Pennine Way walk. High standard of accommodation but variable. Good logistics.”
Mr Hoskin, Australia
“I’m happy to be home but what an amazing Pennine Way adventure I have had. It’s hard to express in words just how magical this trip was. For me the Pennine Way is easily the best long-distance path in the UK. But it’s not a walk for the faint hearted and it is by no means a stroll in the park. Dealing with the tough terrain (loads of bugs), the remoteness and the solitude was just the emotional and physical challenge that I needed. I guess I was lucky to only have four days when I walked in the rain. And if anything my injury (I broke my wrist on day 12) made the holiday even more satisfying. I will carry the memories of this holiday for a long, long time. A well-planned holiday with comprehensive itinerary supplied. I can’t think of a better way to spend three weeks. I loved the challenge and the rewards are enormous. The satisfaction I felt when completing and achieving the walk was amazing.”
Mr Duthoit, UK
“An excellent walk and one of the pleasures is to meet fellow walkers and share experiences. The Pennine Way is a challenging walk and we feel pleased to have completed it.”
Mrs Deadman, UK
“Very good, fantastic scenery. Good company and always had a good time.”
Miss Lonsdale, UK
“Totally exhilarating and fulfilling walk through some stunning countryside. All pre travel information was detailed as was the guidebook and the accommodation details which assisted with daily planning. Baggage and taxi transfers all went smoothly and without any issues. We have used Contours on previous occasions and have no hesitation on using or recommending Contours.”
Mrs Davies, UK
“Accommodations great, luggage transfers were a breeze, taxis provided to accommodations were superb. All in all, the organisation was first class. This is my fifth tour with Contours, and it certainly lived up to my expectations.”
Mr Metcalf, UK
"View of College Valley" by David Kershaw (2017) "View of College Valley" by David Kershaw (2017)
"View of Eildon Hills" by David Kershaw (2017) "View of Eildon Hills" by David Kershaw (2017)
A wildlife hide on the Pennine Way. - A wildlife hide on the Pennine Way.
A wildlife hide on the Pennine Way. A wildlife hide on the Pennine Way.
Waiting for the boss on the slopes of Kisdon - Aureen Harthorn - Waiting for the boss on the slopes of Kisdon - Aureen Harthorn
Waiting for the boss on the slopes of Kisdon - Aureen Harthorn Waiting for the boss on the slopes of Kisdon - Aureen Harthorn