Capturing the Mortimer Trail in Watercolours

By Wendy Forrest-Charde

Here at Contours we love seeing the many ways that our customers capture their experiences on our holidays, whether it be via photos, videos, stories or poetry. However, loyal customer Wendy Forrest-Charde chooses to use watercolour painting as a way to remember the walks she has been on, and we certainly love seeing her work!

This July, Wendy walked the Mortimer Trail in Herefordshire, and here are a few pieces of her artwork from her time spent there. Thank you for sharing, Wendy!

Door at Ludlow


"I love Ludlow with its combination of leaded light windows and oak doors; this is the door of Ye Old Bull Tavern and is curious for its tiny letter box. I think many people would walk past, but an artist has an eye for detail!"

Hornbeam Tree


"This tree appears on the perimeter of a fort and is in fine splendour – the mossy branches are very appealing. In the guide book we are to believe that the fort dates back to 1100, but the trees must have been planted later."



"I was amazed at the delicate fungi despite the need to be robust in this climate. Painting such a thing was a challenge; it was so delicate yet so perfect."

Byton Church


"I was totally blown away by this – the mechanical clock is amazing but the approach to the Church has a series of apple trees which have enormous amounts of Mistletoe on them. I tried to capture the feeling of the spikey mistletoe which has dominated the path. About fourteen trees all have so much that they are indeed dying off."

Originally published 21/08/17

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