Walking Holidays on National Trails and Great Trails

Book a walking holiday on the UK’s National Trails, known as Great Trails in Scotland. These iconic routes benefit from a rich history and official recognition. That means sustained funding, their own dedicated rangers and initiatives such as completion certificates to fill in as you ramble on along them. You’ll know a National Trail by that distinctive acorn signpost, prolific along these well-waymarked walks, and the green diamonds that pick out each track on your Ordnance Survey maps.

Originally established to protect Britain’s most precious landscapes without hiding them away, National Trails have since brought walkers into so many of the remote villages we love so much. Whichever one you pick, you’re bound to visit walker-friendly communities and meet other jubilant hikers as you go. Don’t forget to record your journey with the Long Distance Walkers Association’s National Trails Register — your triumph will earn you a place on the register whether you walk the whole route in one holiday or split it into several. Look into our half-trail and short break routes if you’re interested in breaking up the adventure.

Noticed a newcomer on this list? It’s been a long time coming, but in 2025, Wainwright’s Coast to Coast Walk will finally be recognised as a National Trail. You’ll find new National Trail waymarkers gradually cropping up along the route as the upgrade is steadily implemented throughout 2024.