Contours Holidays Photo Competition Winners

Every year for nine years, our walkers have dazzled the Contours office with stunning snaps. Choosing a winner is never easy, but here are our absolute favourites from past competitions.

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At Froggatt Edge - Leigh Garner Overall winner.jpg

At Froggatt Edge by Leigh Gardener
Pride of the Peak


Dramatic Cliffs Between Lyme Regis and Poole by Jim West
Dorset leg of the South West Coast Path


CDG - David Knocker - 5000 year old tree stumps.JPG

Action and Intrigue: 5000 Year Old Tree Stumps by David Knocker
Ceredigion Coast Path

Who's frightening who - martyn clarke brighten our day.jpg

Brighten Our Day: Who's Frightening Who? by Martyn Clarke
Cumbria Way

PCP - Cueva - Manobier to Bosherton.jpg

Landscapes: Manobier to Bosherton by Melany Cueva
Pembrokeshire Coast Path


Action and Intrigue: Entering Broadway Village by Andrew Langager
Cotswold Round

Brighten Our Day: Abbey Road by Tim Carter
Cleveland Way

Landscapes: View of Howgills near Lake Thwaite by Gary Gimbel
Dales Way


Dogs on Holiday: Family Enjoying Chesters Fort with Rosie the Dog by Dave G
Hadrian's Wall Path

Architecture: The View Catcher by Barbara Milne-Redhead
Great Glen Way

Humour: Password Please by Joanna Davies
Offa's Dyke Path

Landscapes: Cave Dale by Rod Bird
Limestone Way

Waterscapes: Sunset at Blakeney by David Raynor
Norfolk Coast Path


Dogs on Holiday: Mollie on Holiday by Jodie Archer
Coast to Coast Walk

Architecture: A Beautiful Old Hand Cart by Pauline Ellington
Limestone Way

Fun Times: Curious Sheep near Seatoller by Michael Searle
Coast to Coast Walk

Landscapes: Morning Mist over Kinlochleven by Jan Augustine
West Highland Way

Waterscapes: Derwentwater by Else Carriere
Cumbria Way


Special Objectives: Completing the Walk by Vanessa Burrell
Cleveland Way

Structures: Nine Standards Rigg by Adrian Pugh
Coast to Coast Walk

Fun Times: Friendly Bull by Duncan Pye
Hadrian's Wall Path

Landscapes: Woody Bay and View to Crock Point by Sigridur Hrafnkelsdottir
South West Coast Path


Special Objectives: Elders in Training by Peter Cueva
Alternative Coast to Coast Walk

Structures: White Castle by Tim Carter
Offa's Dyke Path

Fun Times: Archie on the Way Up Dumyat by Tim Nelson
Mary Queen of Scots Way

Landscapes: Mount Goat Fell by Esther Doorn
The Arran Coastal Way


Photo taken at Humshaugh on Hadrian's Wall Path by Hazel Alexander

Humshaugh by Hazel Alexander
Hadrian's Wall Path



Special Objectives: Silent Upon a Peak in Northumberland by Will Robson
Hadrian's Wall Path

Smardalegill Viaduct by Raymond Riggs

Structures: Smardalegill Viaduct by Raymond Riggs
Coast to Coast Walk

Ambiguous Sign by Jane Wilde

Fun Times: Ambiguous Sign by Jane Wilde
North Downs Way

Looking west from Kidsty Pike by Raymond Riggs

Landscapes: Looking West from Kidsty Pike by Raymond Riggs
Coast to Coast Walk



Special Objectives: In the Lake District near Cleator by Greg Abrams
Coast to Coast Walk

Smardalegill Viaduct by Raymond Riggs

Structures: Fairbourne Sunset by Colin Bathe
Meirionnydd Coast Path

Ambiguous Sign by Jane Wilde

Fun Times: Struggling in the Yorkshire Dales by Greg Abrams
Coast to Coast Walk

Looking west from Kidsty Pike by Raymond Riggs

Landscapes: Steam Train at Llangollen by Simon and Clare Parker
Offa's Dyke Path


Embarking on a Contours Holiday in 2023? Don't forget to capture your best moments on the trail for a chance to win in our annual photo competition. Here are some great tips for photography on the trails. Don't worry if you don't have a dedicated camera -- here's how to get the most out of your smartphone's lens.

We look forward to enjoying all your dazzling snaps! Find out how to enter our annual photo competition.